General specification

1.999 channels

2.Duplex repeater (UHF to VHF or VHF to UHF)

3.Output Power 10W

4.High/Middle/ Low Power Switch:10/5/2W

5.dual band standby, Dual band display

6.Frequency:136-174MHZ&400-480MHZ and 136-174MHZ&450-520MHZ

7.Group Calls and Selective Calls

8. Wide/Narrow bandwidth Selection(12.5KHZ/25KHZ)

9 2800mAh

10 Power supply7.4V


Military standard

  1. GPS mapping
  2. Embedded Individual Location Information (ILI)
  3. Can be used as wireless Radio data mode
  4. Voice recorder/fall down alarm /OTA
  5. AES 256
  6. Encryption Keying Key Loader
  7. Encryption Frame Re-sync Interval and other required specifications.