Central Management System

Central Management or Monitoring system is a system which can connect all the cameras and third party devices located at multiple locations or sites at a central hub. Through CMS, you can view, control, receive alerts & notifications from any camera or third party device, located anywhere in the system and take proactive decisions.

Video Management System (VMS) is an IP-based platform for comprehensive, multi server video surveillance systems. It supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients. Furthermore, it offers a wide array of interesting, optional add-on modules. The efficient architecture enables future extensions to a 3D georeferencing Video Management System and the networking with an overall Multi Site Management. Additionally, a broad range of video analytics and services is available.

Advantages of Central Monitoring/Management System

  • DAS-VMS helps user to monitoring all of its cameras through one video management software
  • DAS-CMS provides the facility to group the cameras on the basis of station, location, area or any other basis. This facility helps user to search, view, or monitor particular camera with much efficiency and in less time.
  • DAS-CMS possess the capacity to monitor unlimited number of live cameras simultaneously situated at any location.
  • DAS-CMS provides advanced video analytics which helps user to keep track of thousands of cameras simultaneously from a single location. These video analytics helps in detecting breach, missed object, left object, fire or any kind of threat and thus help in enhancing the security level along with reducing the time and efforts.
  • DAS-CMS provides the facility of sending alert on detection any breach or misfortunate event. The alert send by DAS-VMS can be in form of pop up on screen, SMS, email to authority, sound alarm etc
  • DAS-CMS also possess E-maps which shows status of all cameras, devices and alerts. It shows the health of cameras, their Connect or Disconnect Status etc.
  • DAS-CMS can also define proactive response mechanism as per predefined rules, in case of any breach.


  • Centralized Video monitoring of Unlimited cameras spread across multiple branches and cities
  • Local recording at branch with High Quality Video and Low bandwidth streaming to Central station.
  • Groupings based on Branch, City, State, Country, Sensitive, Important branches.
  • Alerts in central station according to rules. – Email, SMS, Sound alert and Video Pop-up.
  • Option for Video Analytics alerts: Camera Tampering, Intrusion in branch, Missing object, Perimeter Violation, Image Enhancement.
  • Situation Management by defining appropriate actions and acknowledgement for alerts
  • E-map showing status of all cameras and alerts- camera alarm, Connect and Disconnect Status.
  • Alarm and Device status reports on hourly, daily weekly or monthly basis

Geographical Information System

  • Importing of maps supporting all standard image formats i.e. file types JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Supports Google Maps for location search and saving the map image
  • Unlimited level of linking of E-maps in hierarchical tree manner
  • Easy interface via Drag and Drop of the cameras on to the map
  • Camera blinking in case of event detection alerts passed by Management Server
  • Camera video stream disconnection detection and automatic display of the connection status
  • Any time Live view display of the camera video with just a mouse click of the Camera icon on Emap


  • Automatic discovery of devices using UPnP and/or ONVIF
  • No software limit on number of cameras supported in single server
  • Add all cameras with single click. Apply settings to multiple cameras of same model with single click.
  • Automatic Health check up and activation of optimization modules once CPU reached more than 85%.
  • Add multiple recording servers under same management server.
  • User role based cameras and feature access. Define users with passwords and access to only specific cameras
  • Complete server logs including login access, system settings change, archiving events, video or recording loss and all activity done by administrator or any other user in the system.
  • Ability to integrate with other devices by either sending events from VMS or receiving events from other devices. Event SDK support required from VMS. Events from VMS and Video Analytics should be able integrate with third party applications.

Video Analytics/Analysis Software

DAS-VMS is integrated with comprehensive cluster of advanced Video Analytic Algorithms. These algorithm modules coupled with Incident-Event-Action framework helps in decreasing manual efforts as well as manual monitoring of video surveillance systems.

Demfas Aerosystems Video Analytics are developed using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in image processing & computer vision technology.

Demfas Aerosystems provides different analysis / analytics modules for various sectors. Some of them are:

  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Crowd Counting and Detection
  • Object Removal Detection
  • Zone Intrusion Detection
  • Automatic Video Image Enhancement
  • Boundary Loitering Detection
  • Intelligent People Counting
  • Object Classification
  • Attribute Search
  • Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Perimeter Tripwire
  • Wrong Way Detection
  • ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification)