Aerospace and robotics

Aerospace and robotics , is one of the sectors within Demfas Aerosystems. With the development of unmanned systems tailored to meet customer requirements and future requirements. The developments here is influenced by various research and development with motive to provide global solutions.

From air to land the aerospace and robotics sector provides solutions that advance technology and discovery while meeting customer needs with high impact, the sector specializes in building tactical systems from the ground up, addressing the vast capability gaps left by legacy and current technologies.

Working closely with our customers and evolving requirements and tactics, these systems and technologies are used for a wide range of missions from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISTAR)  ; protected communications; battle management; strike operations; electronic warfare and many others

Demfas Aerosystems designs, develops and manufactures
Unmanned systems for commercial, civil and defence applications with current projects ranging from unmnaned aerial systems and unmanned ground systems.